Since I’m an ordained pastor, I preach on a regular basis and I’m happy to post and share them.  You will find them under the category “Sermons.”  However, a few things before you read:

Sermons are meant to be SPOKEN, not read.   I post my manuscript, but the style of writing is different from an essay or regular blog post.  You won’t find complete paragraphs.  It might “read” choppy at times if in the hearing of it I’m leaving a pregnant pause to let an idea sink in, or if I’m using a pause to shift focus.

There also might be times when you say “huh?”  After all, I AM preaching to a specific group of people.  I know them.  Have known them for years now.  I know their circumstances, the things that bother them, frighten them, annoy them, and I know their conflicts with each other.  Understand that while some parts of sermons speak a universal message, that message is also geared to a specific place and time and to a specific group of people – kind of like Scripture….

Finally, my congregation follows what is called the Revised Common Lectionary – a set group of readings that follow a three year cycle.  This lectionary is followed by most mainline Protestant traditions as well as the Roman Catholic Church (with certain exceptions).  The three years are referred to by the letters “A” “B” and “C.”  There are two readings from the Old Testament (the Psalm is often sung but sometimes spoken), one from the New Testament letters, and one from the Gospels.  And all readings are taken from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

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